KahiKai is open to everyone and its aim is to promote respectfull interaction among members. That’s the reason why we have to te set some simple rules and hope that everybody uses common sense, respects the copyright of the KahiKai images and uses the provided material for non commercial purpose. Nevertheless, if you encounter illicit content, or non respectful behavior among the KahiKai community, please contact us and we will handle the issue immediately.

KahiKai is your community!

Our rules


KahiKai Rules


Make the most of connecting to all your friends around the world by browsing and searching. However,

Do not connect or send messages to people you do not know, unless you have a special reason to do so. Do not accept connection requests from people you do not know, as this may dilute your network. If you accept people in your network they will gain access to your network and your profile.

My Profile

Stick to factual and personal information in your profile. We would love to see an appropriate picture of you in your profile. No other pictures are accepted.

Forum Guidelines

The character of any society is measured by two criteria: what its members do, and what they do not do. The Forum provides KahiKai members a place to gather and exchange trusted information and ideas. It’s a platform for illuminating, insightful, and instructive conversation. To uphold the value of our community and to secure the rights of all members to enjoy The Forum, here are a few guidelines:

Protocol Principles

Be sure to choose the correct category. We should all limit ourselves to using English only. Members should author no more than 3 new threads per week. Subject lines should be short and relevant. Subject lines should not use all caps, excessive punctuation or exaggerated typography KahiKai disapproves of rude, frivolous or inflammatory threads. Hate, racism, intolerance, slander and vulgarity have no place in KahiKai. Pornographic or overtly sexual discussions are not acceptable. Let’s all refrain from idle chatter, happy birthdays, and the like.

Respect for other members

It’s not always easy, but we must respect the right to express opposing opinions. Please, let’s not attack another member’s character, background or profile picture. Respect the intent of thread posters; don’t indulge in mocking or irrelevant one-liners.

Take personal issues or disagreements off the forum.

The Forum is not the place to announce that you’re drunk, bored or lonely. Thread creators should not draw frivolous attention to themselves or post threads about specific members. The Forum is not for commercial sales, promotions, or job hunting.

Copyrighted Material

For legal and ethical reasons, text from third-party sources such as other websites or printed publications cannot be posted (e.g. cut and paste) on the forum, unless the member owns the material’s copyright. Instead, please provide a website link to the original source. Also, please provide your own thoughts and comments in addition to the link.

Deletion Of Threads

KahiKai reserves the right to delete threads considered inappropriate. Action against a member account may also be taken. When we do remove a thread, we will inform the member who posted the thread of the reason. Follow-up threads posted about a deleted thread only add confusion. Rather than posting a follow-up thread, please contact the webmaster by PM with your concern. support@kahikai.com