Gambier Island Biodiversity

Logbook / Written by Eric Roettinger / 30 Jun 2011


The Kahi Kai team has the privilege to be involved in the development of the imaging platform of the Tara Oceans Expedition. On the current trip with Tara around the Gambier Island, Eric Roettinger is in charge of the imaging platform onboard, taking both macro and microscopy photos of planktonic and benthic sea creature.

This log is published in Tara Expeditions / Title image credit: Eric Roettinger

Brown Surgeonfish (Juvenile); Acanthurus nigrofuscus

Tripletail Wrasse; Cheilinus trilobatus

Pin cushion-star. Culcita novaguinea

Threeband Demoiselle; Chrysiptera tricitincta

Undefined crab living between the branches of a coral

Platynereis sp.

Platynereis sp.

Undetermined Planktonic fish

Leptoria phrygia (Closed brain coral)

Canthigaster papua

Phyllidiella sp.

Elysia ornata

Pleuroploca sp.

Undetermined shrimpgoby (juvenile; catched during a night plankton station).

Chromodoris sp.

Ceratosoma trilobata


Eric is a developmental biologist and is also co-founder of the non-profit organization Kahi Kai (“one ocean” in hawaiian). He has a profound interest in portraying and protecting the fascinating, colourful and highly endangered marine world. Visit Kahi Kai Images if you would like to see some of his work.

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