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News / Written by Eric Roettinger / 22 Aug 2009


Creature Cast is a collaborative blog recently launched by evolutionary biologist Casey Dunn and his students at Brown University. Their idea is to take a narrative approach to communicating science, and to look beyond the “cutting edge news flash” reporting to more honest descriptions of the emergence and evolution of ideas. Today we present their first podcast.

Source - Creature Cast / Title image credit: Mattias Ormestad

Creature Cast just released their first podcast episode about the magic of iridescence in squids. Sophia Tintori, together with Dr. Alison Sweeney help us to get a better idea of how and why squids perform these amazing and extremely rapid color changes of their skin. The animation and audio production for the video was done by Sophia, who is usually working on early development of a amazing group of marine invertebrates called Siphonophores. Great work and we are looking forward to the next episode.


look forward for the next one!!! congratulation for this beautiful illustration!!

by Aldine Amiel @ 2009-08-22 19:53:27

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